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How to play the EuroMillions in La Cigarra de Oro

Buy tickets for the EuroMillions for Tuesday or Friday is very simple. You should just choose on the ticket of this site, at least 5 numbers from 1 to 50 and 2 star 12 or let the electronic ticket do so by ti. It activates the day or days that you wish to participate and you can now validate your bet.

You can also sign up to several weeks or sweepstakes, play random combinations, consult the statistics of results of Euromillions, generate small moves to optimize opportunities to the best price or make multiple bets to have more possibilities, with just a click.

The EuroMillions is valid in our administration of lotteries, the n ° 1 of Santa María de Guía de Loterías y Apuestas del Estado official sales point.


  • Choose 5 numbers, which can be any of the 1 to 50


  • Choose 2 lucky starnumbers 1 to 12


During the draw, 5 numbers and 2 lucky stars are extracted at random from two machines with drums containing numbered balls. The machine that contains 50 numbers is called Stresa, and the other, containing 12 stars, is Paquerette.


The prize structure


  • Category 1: 5 numbers and 2 stars
  • 2nd category: 5 numbers and 1 star
  • 3rd category: 5 numbers
  • 4th category: 4 numbers and 2 stars
  • 5th category: 4 issues and 1 star
  • 6th category: 4 numbers
  • 7th category: 3 numbers and 2 stars
  • 8th category: 2 numbers and 2 stars
  • 9th category: 3 numbers and 1 star
  • 10th category: 3 numbers
  • 11th category: number 1 and 2 stars
  • 12th category: 2 numbers and 1 star
  • 13th category: 2 numbers


  • There is a reserve fund which is devoted 6% of the prize money.
  • The probability of winning any is one of 13.
  • Money for prizes is 50% of the proceeds.
  • If no one wins the jackpot, it builds up for the next draw. However, if the boat reaches the €190.000.000 not it continues to build up and remains unchanged until you get a prize of 1st category, increasing the excess the amount allocated for the second category (5 + 1) awards. Once started a new cycle, the amount in which the pot to increase increases in 5,000,000
  • There are 116.531.800 possible combinations. This number is obtained from the product of the number of combinations inside of the set of 50 numbers taken from five on five, which gives 2.118.760, and the possible number of combinations within the set of 11 numbers taken two by two, givin


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