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About us

We are the lottery No. 1 at Santa María de Guía, known as "Lotteries Paulino", located northwest of Gran Canaria. From the acquisition by the new owner in 2014, we have innovated and increased sales, as well as distributed prizes:
Distributed prizes
22/12/2018 Lotería de Navidad 3er Premio
13/01/2018 Lotería Nacional 2º Premio
09/09/2017 Joker de La Primitiva 10.000 €
29/11/2015 La Quiniela 25.576 €
27/03/2015 Euromillón 304.000 €
13/03/2014 Lotería Nacional 2º Premio
18/02/2013 La Bonoloto 654.394 €
22/12/2011 Lotería Nacional 5º Premio
02/11/2006 La Primitiva 71.642 €
31/08/2005 La Bonoloto 104.756 €
13/10/2000 La Bonoloto 66.479 €

We have now moved to call ourselves “La Cigarra de Oro“. And because? Simple ... This strange animal is part of an ancient tradition of our town; which we remember every third Sunday of September.

For this administration, privacy is of vital importance, and in this sense we assure absolute confidentiality. We comply with current legislation regarding the protection of personal data, we never pass on your data to third parties. His awards and movements will be treated with absolute discretion.

La Cigarra de Oro, has an excellent infrastructure to ensure that the system and all their movements are as safe and fast as possible. As a user, once registered, their movements are hosted on secure servers, so that personal information given will be treated according to the law.

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Admón de Loterías nº 1
Onofre Jesús Santiago Quintana
C/ Marqués del Muni nº 16
35450 Santa María de Guía Las Palmas
928 882 279
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